Simplifying Wellness in a Way that Works for You

  • Personal Training For Your Fitness Level

    Fitness For You

    Personal Training For Your Fitness Level

    Movement is crucial. Our bodies are meant for routine movement. Sadly, due to work and lifestyle, our bodies aren’t moving as much as they used to. This means, we have to make time for movement and fitness. However, this doesn’t mean pushing yourself past your limits and sustaining a lifestyle of constant stress. Fitness is meant to aid your mental health and wellness, to relieve stress and anxiety, and to aid your body’s functioning. Using your lifestyle habits, fitness history, and goals Meg creates an exercise regimen that will work with you.
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  • Figuring out how to make food work for you

    Nutrition on Your Terms

    Figuring out how to make food work for you

    If you’re here, then you know that restrictive diets don’t work. But then what do you eat? Nutrition is specialized for each individual. But figuring out what works for you is different for what works for someone else. Together, we work to identify you food and nutritional needs. We take a page out of Intuitive Eating, focus on listening to you body and emotions, remove and recognize food rules. Leaving you feeling confident in your dietary habits.
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  • Navigating Your Mental Health through Wellness

    Emotions Drive Everything

    Navigating Your Mental Health through Wellness

    Mental health is an ongoing journey, one that zig-zags, and is constantly evolving. My personal philosophy is that we can use our wellness to help us on our mental health journey. As a wellness coach who specializes in mental health, I believe that bridging the gap between the two is the ultimate answer to your health. Together, we focus on positive outcomes, goals, and futuristic thinking to achieve wellness goals that can continuously support you with your mental health and be the secret weapon that you’ve been looking for.
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Client Stories

  • “[Meg] gave advice whenever I asked it, offered AMAZING resources, and best of all...she LISTENED constantly. (...) Kind of like a "food therapist" helping me mend my broken relationship with food. We talked a lot about how food choices made me feel both physically and mentally. There was zero judgment. I felt comfortable. She helped me believe in myself and realize it wasn't impossible to reach my goals. She helped me stop giving myself guilt and grief about what I did or did not put in my mouth. Meg believed in me and she truly believes in empowering all women to reach their wellness goals, whatever they may be.

  • “She happily offered suggestions to meet my dietary restrictions and needs without hesitation. Her knowledge of nutrition and passion are evident”

  • “I reached out to [Reichert Wellness] for help...I’m so impressed with the plan. First, it’s realistic to who I am and my schedule. Second, the meals are full of foods I LOVE. Third, the recipes are simple and straightforward, and Four (and maybe the coolest) the plan comes with a shopping list! Literally, all I had to do was visit the store, use the list, and then I had everything I needed to make better nutrition choices for myself. I HIGHLY recommend [Reichert Wellness].”

  • “Meg is simply wonderful. Her recipes are delicious, easy to follow, and I know I’m getting a well-rounded meal to help me reach my goals”

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